This is a Danganronpa fan character. Danganronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft.

A character page! Which is a bit unnecressary. There will probably also be other shrines for my ocs but only Fuji this far.

Fuji is a character that means more to me than any of my other characters do (sorry Splendor.)

She was created by me in the mid-2020s to be a "despairsona" for me.


When I created you, it was the halfway of 2020. You were a messy marker drawing on a regular-sized paper. You had sad eyes and a long hair with two pompoms, a purple-pink, magenta-ish leather jacket, stylish brown jeans, a bomb and a gun. On the left side of you, there was information about you. I decided that you would like despair, guns, adrenaline and your gang, while you would dislike hope, harmony, good guys and people harming your gang. You were meant to be a mean person, after all. Then I only had to think of a name for you. It was soon bedtime, but I wanted to have something to call you. On that day already. You were Japanese, so I knew I should give you a Japanese name, so I pretty much instantly tought of the one I found most basic, even that it probably wasnĀ“t an extremely popular one. Fuji. I wrote your name on the paper. In my eyes you were perfect now. Soon I went to sleep.