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Miles || he/him + others || 17 yo || omni

Hi, my name is Miles and I made this site to make something old-looking and not exactly professional. Just messing around with my very very limited html knoweledge. This far you can find here a fev of my creations and a bunch of links to where to find me, but I plan on upating this site to look much better in the future, though it may not please everyone as I am not very fond of what web design has come into novadays. Anyways, a bit about me, I study graphic design (which you cannot exept from someone with a site looking like this), I draw, animate and sometimes write as a hobby and my biggest passion is telling stories trough characters. While I am not certainly the best artist, I enjoy drawing a lot. I should put more of my drawings here...if i only wasn´t so lazy. Oh well, someday. Worth noting but never mentioned is that I love the aero glass theme with all my heart and it brings me comfort;; I´m sad Windows 7 is no longer supported...memories



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